This show is about a tournament of Battle Robots who are shaped like humans and transforming animals. If the damage taken off your team HP hits 0, you lose. If you interfere or cause a penalty, you get a yellowcard. Akira is a boy who plans to win the titan belt with his team. Managed by Heruka, Team Akira is made up of Bulion the Lion, Eagle Arrow the Eagle, Drimog the Mole, Bone Rex the Tyrannosaurus, Despector the Pteranodon, Tri-Horn the Triceratops. Also in that team are Professor Hajime Akebono's (Akira's Grandpa) creations, Ryugu the Anchorbot Knight and Daigu the Dragon who form the mighty Daigunder. Team Akira goes up against many other Battle Robot teams. That is, until a Battle Robot named Ginzan the unicorn, who works for the evil Professor Maelstrom, crashes the matches and attacks Team Akira on a mission to destroy Daigunder, but he doesn't stand a chance sometimes.

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